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Open or Shut

Openness became the mantra now. … In pulling off the veil and the wall, man has gone back to nature. .. The various deaths — of God, State, Poet, Word… the musical note — have given birth to … blogs, chat-rooms, podcast, sms and a self-centred one way non-committal unhalting communication which leave no room for silence, thought, contemplation. (From Films4debate )

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Dialogue and Re-Dialogue

Dr. B.K.Passi and Dr. (Ms.) S.Passi

Dialogue is a community of researchers. It is an innovation of collective
learning. The dialogue approach is highly interactive. The authors of these lines have designed this approach for paper-presentation in the
conferences. Dialogue can encompass the processes of exploring, learning,
teaching, researching and collective paper-presentation. Dialogues have
been used for personal mastery, shared vision, team learning, team working
and team researching.
imageThe Dialogue creates a spirit of Wholeness. Dialogue combats the current dominant approach of fragmentation and counter checks the ill effects of explaining what this means, why it matters, and how it relates to every aspect of our lives. Wholeness of Dialogue involves two sub-processes: (a) Progressive Differentiation and (b) Integrative Reconciliation. Many modes like cycled-mode and non-cycled-mode can be followed. The Dialogue mode is informal, open, and safe. The Delegates create a collective, meaningful environment of wholeness. It addresses the problem caused by isolated specialization. Dialogue implies an enhanced honor to the totality of existence.

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