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Lest, it is granted!

[ A translation  of verse 28 from Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Geetanjali by Smt. Krishna Shukla]

हठी हैं ज़ंजीरें, पर मेरा हृदय पीडि़त होता है
जब मैं उन्‍हें तोड़ता हूँ
स्वतंत्रता ही मेरी आकांक्षा  है –
पर उसकी उम्मीद मुझे
शर्मिंदा करती है
मैं निश्चिन्त हूँ कि अमूल्‍य सम्पदा स्वामी  आप मेरे मित्रवत हैं
पर मेरे हृदय में इतना साहस नहीं है
कि झाड़ सकूँ
अपने कमरे की उथली रँगीनी।

कफन जो मुझे ढँके है
वह कफन है धूल और मौत का
मैं उससे घृणा करता हूँ
फिर भी लपेटे हूँ प्रेम से।

बहुत कर्ज हैं मेरे
बहुत बड़ी असफलताऍं;
मेरी लज्जा भारी और गोपन।

फिर भी जब मैं अपने हित के वर को आता हूँ,
डर मुझे  कँपा देता है कि कहीं स्वीकृत
हो जाये न मेरी प्रार्थना।

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Higher Call of Education

A prayer, a wish

Anand Kumar Awasthi

O Prime Minister wise!

You need to rise.

Strength of reason, your possession,

Intellectuality, your vocation;

Then, why should Higher Education writhe in pain,

Sycophants, pseudo intellectuals gain;

Vision, industry, aim — all put to shame,

The potential attitude — creative, positive —

All reduced to meaningless game?

A University functions well?

Following The British version — ‘India was a country of snake charmers’

So teach all borrowed from the West

Devoid of values, culture and spiritual zest,

Mechanical teacher, student, a moulded cast;

Students pass — sans teacher class, voiceless mode, teaches all.

Office tables keep a snail, the actionless aims no goal;

Procedures rule, Deans look cool, see five-day wonder

Dealers deal the university seal,

Officials change but system goes,

Money rolls, centralized strategy, it clinches deal.

Some are vital, most important!

Only few — tactful and ‘efficient’,

Vacant posts — never mind — tagged with one,

Others can do? Oh, none!

They deal ‘No Deal’ but do tell,

‘Where angels fear to tread’, they let loose hell.

A group of three or four everywhere, one of them, a grave-digger,

A prejudice rules head and heart, the end-result is seldom sought,

A code runs — go blank, delay and stay motionless,

Most V-Cs are but guided children — innocent folk, think little, act still less.

If they can put IDEA supreme, Observation as their working mode,

Comparative judgement- their methodological tool,

And also get signal ‘GO’, could they remain far from goal?


A voice of sanity or dissent suffocates

For a charge follows —  politics of jealousy calls shots- how dare you rail?

A choir ensues — beware, he is a detractor! he will fail!

Ah! Indialooks to you! Entreats you to address its dire need,

Like the ancient sages did indeed.

All time is good, why wait for some,

Delay no further, you’re welcome;

O Prime Minister wise!

It’s time to rise!

([Anand Kumar Awasthi is Professor of English & Chair & Director, Centre for Canadian Studies, at Dr Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar (MP)-470003]

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