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Soul Animated: Review of Alphabestiary

Rajiv Trivedi

alphabestiary_coverIn his introduction, Barrie Poet Laureate Dr. Bruce Meyer informs us why this volume was conceived as an Emblem book. During early Renaissance, popular literary works featured elaborate woodcuts and these illustrations were accompanied by poems to present the idea, before the topic in question was discussed in detail. He says,

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…part of sixthness

“h equals ten raised to the power of minus twenty seventh part of 6.6thness” With similar mathematical abstractions weaving near-concrete images, Taj Masood continues the oral tradition of poetry. He holds that poetry, born in head should reside there till other heads are ready to lend an ear. The images form and dissolve to reappear; they resurface, honed and enriched by flow of life meanwhile.

Orality carries an authenticity not found in the paper-rigid fixity of the material world. It is authenticated by life itself. The Classical traditions aim to capture human achievements; the oral traditions merely allow them a playground.

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