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Pearls as bricks


Datta: what have we given?

The awful daring of a moment’s surrender
Which an age of prudence can never retract
By this, and this only, we have existed


Curation  is primary directed by strong aesthetic sensibility. Serving others has also motivated people. Both, to collect and share, are essential elements of human gregariousness. Technology has empowered almost all fields of human enterprise. Just a decade back, while collecting had its own difficulties, sharing was  equally tedious.

The small foot-print audio format , mp3, changed it all. Enthusiasts, even to the day, are busy converting their audio collections to this format. Soon enough, video compression allowed easy exchange. Free repositories grant  users access to store and share.

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Losing to Curation?


Banish? You couldn’t. Utilitarians, rationalists, fanatics and most kinds of men have railed against poetry for some reason or other. Followers have paled by its frailty; some mourned its demise. Like Hydra or Phoenix, it raises its head again and again.

Many fortunate ones are gloriously unaware of its existence; still more can conscientiously wave it off as immaterial to ‘life’. For those, who require a bit more than trivia to move them, attention is requested to following samplers:

Blast/Bless poems submitted to Tate Britain & Creative Review initiative, an ongoing exhibition.

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