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Game of Life

Magister Ludi, considered to be most significant work of Herman Hesse, was given another title,  Das Glasperlenspiel or The Glassbead Game. In a futuristic setting the author speaks of  a game of life (the rules are alluded to but never stated), which the students have to master. It is the story of Joseph Knecht who starts as a schoolboy and rises to become Magister Ludi of the great place considered to be Ivory Tower. The Latin stem, Lud means both play and school. The apparently modern notion of learning by fun is a rediscovery of essence of learning.

This brief post is to highlight how Gaming Pundits are discovering important truths about inter-relationship between game, motivation, learning, fulfillment and hard-core reality. The following Slideshare presentation by Sebastian Deterding, aimed at designers for better comprehending the concept of ‘gamification’ , serves equally well in understanding the prime objectives in education.

A Presentation by Sebastian Deterding

Don't Play Games With Me: Promises and Pitfalls of Gameful Design

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Capnet: Capturing Ideas for Life

It was  a Madison taxi driver who remembered Philadelphia with warmth as the City of Brotherly Love. What an ideal! As beautiful as Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. Often people wish to capture their best thoughts in their work and life.

If it pains you that where such goodness is possible why should grief caused by greed abound, then you must have earned the tag of an ‘idealist’.

Scorned by ‘realists’ who ask us to accept the evil on as-is-where-is basis, several strive in the direction of their ideas.

A few decided to collect their thought in these pages.

Join in.

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