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Trial, Sole certainty!


One certain way to seek (and sometime, find) a solution is trial and error. Philadelphia 018Conceptually, it appeared destined for oblivion as bulk of human knowledge grew to lessen the sea of unknown. As, a large part of knowledge created increasingly grows dated, the degree of uncertainty remains the same. Some might even say that over the past decade, it has grown!

Knowledge may also be defined on scale of certainty. If in a particular village the sun would rise between one specific tree on left and another specific tree (or rock) on right, one could be sure that this direction may safely be called east. Mystics have always made fun of the idea of such ‘ascertained’ knowledge.

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Reigns now, Ephemera

It would not have been possible to imagine a century back, multitudinous outburst of activities pushing the world towards chaos. It would not even have been possible to perceive, even if they existed at that level. Like watching a movie at 60 fps is likely to tire the viewer, so does the glut of information whizzing towards its obsolescence drain the languid observer, And if one happens to be an active rider, a major part of it goes into invisibility, with limited  number (and yet too many) dizzily jiffy-ing around.

Innovative Typography: New life to PhrasesThe info-highway demands certain qualities – concentration, constant communication, fluid adaptability – which seem contra-indicated and negates few held previously in esteem: stillness, contentment, contemplation.  It is amazing how despite erosion at individual level, thought survives in a distributed form. Thinking is no longer a privilege available to certain class. It is a 24 hour activity and more — it is collective continuum of thought.

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