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A look behind the book: Latest volume in Ome Swarlipi

{Write-up initiated to record steps for publishing book containing music compositions using OmeSwarlipi. The book is available here.}

Sitar Compositions in Ome Swarlipi was published for non-Hindi speaking enthusiasts who were interested in Indian classical music and were looking for different levels of string compositions in major Raga-s. In the past decade, readers have occasionally voiced their reactions to the book. One thing that was stressed by many, was publication of next volume with different Raga-s and compositions.

OmeSarlipi mein Misrabani, 2020
Companion Volume to Sitar Compositions in Ome Swarlipi

Since 2010 when this volume was published, mobile phones have made internet accessible across India and teaching has begun to incorporate healthy use of resources available online – an objective with which Omenad, Online Music Education for Novitiates, Academics and Demonstrators was started in 1999. Several universities and institutions in India have invited experts to initiate students in using Ome digital notation system and a number of performers and academics now routinely use Ome Swarlipi in documentation and teaching. While the notations in Bhatkhande system or even Ome Swarlipi come easy to students of music, the language of instructions on host website – omescribe.com – posed a challenge. I remember when a young student sent a proposal to the ministry to prepare learning material for computer languages in Hindi, it was summarily rejected. The student, an acclaimed professional developer today, had noticed that intelligent students, his classmates, suffered solely because they were unable to understand primary instructions in English; once he helped out, they progressed competitively.

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